An Open Letter to Tyra Banks About Gut Issues

Filip Makowski
2 min readAug 6, 2022
Photo by Georgy Trofimov on Unsplash

Dear Ms. Banks,

Thank you, firstly, for raising awareness about beautiful people and IBS. It is important that those who are less easy on the eyes know that the insides of a pretty person can be ugly.

How fortunate it is that people today are enthusing for health and diet more than ever in the past 25+ years. Unfortunately, many get stuck at the level of discerning, quantifying and over-analyzing food items. They are forever entrapped in their bubble where everything that goes in their mouth has to have their name on it. Can you see how this would create an evil circle, Ms. Banks?

One may say that your work has involved your body and your soul, Ms. Banks, but I say that it has involved a great deal of your eyes and thoughts as well. You have very big eyes. Indeed, they have seen many a camera flash and ignored many a public during shoots and cat-walks. You have been more in your head than I think you know, Ms. Banks.

What do you think happens, apart from maladroitness and lack of poise, when a person is too much in their head? What do you think, in general, happens when a person overuses their eyes to judge and scan?

Personally, Ms. Banks, I think metabolism falters. But I think another thing happens as well.

What if gut issues such as IBS are much less a chemical problem, than they are a simple focus problem? What if it isn’t even about listening to your body about what it wants to eat, but what it is saying, at any given moment, even when Matthew Jordan Smith is giving you tiny seizures with the black eye?

During my years as a medical philosopher and Chinese Medicine apprentice, I have learned that it is rare for gut issues, such as IBS, to present in people who are good at checking in with their bodies. I have learned, vice versa, that people who have gut issues are generally irritated people — be it on the inside, or on the outside.

Of course, Ms. Banks, anger can be a great driver of creativity. But sometimes it flares into only anger, and it stays in the head, like the eye of Sauron. At such a point the gut is unable to keep up.


Yours dearly

Filip Cabra

Filip Makowski

I want us bodily literate; science, spirit, poetry, autism.